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Simply the Best

Event Artist Around–Anywhere!

With Michael,  it’s all about the people–special to you.

Hello! At this site, quality in composition, craftsmanship and entertainment are unparalleled. People are what make events and with my studio your satisfaction in visually capturing the life of your event is of the highest priority.

Here, people truly matter

My artistic focus is on people. You’ll see facial details no other event painter can match.

In weddings the bride is the star. I believe in making the bride the star in my wedding event artwork. 

Artist in Savannah 1

Sale One…

Way Too Low 11 x14

We’ve dropped our prices to INSANELY LOW levels! Click here to see our new price list!

Sale Two…

Cant Believe Its Free 11 x 14

The Big Sale Is Here!

That’s right–Michael will give you a watercolor painting portrait if you purchase a My Cherished Event booklet! It doesn’t get better than this!

Wide View

You’ll love this book!

It’s got it all–choose friends and family members you wish to be sketched. Each will write a congratulatory note that is typewritten beside the sketch.

This price is DEFINITELY not going to last!

Along with the sketches are watercolor images of aspects of your special day important to you.
Then imagine having the ceremony, the meal, the bridal party, the guest list all beautifully typewritten along with your songs in gorgeous typeface woven throughout the book. The book itself is customizable by you. After all–it is your special day. Below is a sample–check it out!
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Super Deals in July–

Just For You! Hurry!

Many Great Gifts Available Too!

Let’s Begin!

Simply click here to contact Michael and enjoy great entertainment for your guests and great artwork for your life!